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EMTEC Solutions Pte Ltd


Our Partners

  • Engineering Solutions
  • GraphiCode Inc
  • ScanCAD Inc
  • Digitaltest GmbH
  • APS Novastar LLC
  • Software Development

Engineering Solutions

"Starting 2014, EMTEC Solutions expands its operation with Engineering Division. We provide Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Management and Remote Monitoring system. We specialized in designing & customizing to meet your expectation."

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GraphiCode Inc

Established in 1986, GraphiCode has been dealing with PCB Gerber data ever since. GraphiCode has long provided innovative solutions to problems including developing GC-Prevue back in 1987 (a free Gerber Viewer), GC-Place in 1992 (the first assembly tool to utilize Gerber data), and the GC-PowerPlatform.

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ScanCAD Inc

"Simplifying Complex Technology" Since 1990, over 900 customers in 46 countries have utilized ScanCAD's powerful family of low cost, flat-bed scanner based tools ScanCAD’s advanced scanning and software technologies has been used for process management, inspection and data creation in the electronics, photo chemical machining, semiconductor, solar, fuel cell

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Digitaltest GmbH

Digitaltest was founded in 1980 as a test house in Karlsruhe, Germany. Digital test was the first company to use a PC to control an ATE with MS Basic under DOS OS. Introduced in 1985, C-LINK was the first product to link CAD, test, repair and production in a single

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APS Novastar LLC

APS Novastar, LLC, established in 1982, produces stencil printers, automated pick and place robots, reflow ovens, wave and selective solder equipment, component counters and lead forming equipment.  APS Novastar has over 20,000 installed base.

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Software Development

We also developed specialised software according to customer requirements to interface with machines or software systems and to store collect and manipulate databases.

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Friday, 26 Apr 2019