VISCOTAQ® Viscosealant

Product Description

VISCOSEALANT is a viscous elastic non hardening caulking compound for waterproofing and corrosion prevention. The material can be used for corrosion protection of above ground flanges, as a waterproof seal at ring wall tanks and for water proofing cable and pipe penetrations. VISCOSEALANT provides for a water proof and gas restrictive seal. The material is available in 1 litre tubes and 16 litre drums.

ViscoSealant Application

VISCOTAQ is a unique viscous-elastic non crystalline a-polar polyolefin for the protection of shaped and non-shaped substrates. VISCOTAQ offers the pipeline industry an unrivaled technology when it comes to corrosion prevention. Unlike other coatings, VISCOTAQ always has a permanent and intimate contact with the surface of a substrate. The viscosity and elasticity modulus of the material are designed in such a way that the viscosity modulus provides permanent wetting characteristics hence forcing the material to flow into the pores and anomalies of the substrates whereas the elasticity modules provides the strength and elasticity of a solid.

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Use and Application

Temperature range: -42.92° C/-45.26° F up to +50° C/+120° F 
Continuous operating temperature up to: 50° C/+120° F 
Application temperature: > +5° C/+41° F
Surface preparation: free of loose particles, dust, debris


• Viscous elastic solid adhesive compound 
• Universal application as a corrosion preventative sealant and water barrier 
• Unlimited shelf life 
• Immediate adhesion to all surfaces 
• Easy injection into small crevices 
• Glass transition temperature: -42.92° C/-45.26° F 
• Self healing in case of small damages 
• Impervious to moisture and gases 
• Remains flexible and tacky 
• Permanent wetting characteristics 
• Non toxic; no solvents 
• Eliminates Microbiological Induced Corrosion (MIC) 
• No curing time 
• Extreme high chemical resistance 
• No sensitivity to salts and osmosis 
• Cohesive fracture 
• 100% inert formulation: no reactive groups and no deterioration in the course of time

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